Kim Le Interactive

Design? Develop?
Done and done.

Creatively charged front-end developer that loves to stay-up-to-date with the latest and greatest. So don't be surprised if you find my face in front of blogs or screencasts. If I've piqued your curiosity, let's talk! I never say no to chai and conversation.

Front-end development

I specialize in developing a robust user experience.

Responsive Email Marketing

I tailor emails to suit multiple devices and render dynamic data and content.

CMS Theming Ninja

I create custom-made themes from Wordpress to the beast that is Drupal.

Passionate Fangirl & Nerd

I've been on a Harry Potter fan trip and attended San Diego Comic Con. Twice!

my works

Writing clean, elegant and efficient code. The proof of my existence.

my skills

Some of my technical skills. You can call me the everything bagel.

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omake info

Just some tidbits on what makes me tick.

My passion for creating websites started with my love of anime and manga.

I went on a Harry Potter trip to the UK and stayed for the last book release.

I sold my soul to Disney World for 6 months. Ask me anything. I’ve got dirt.

My all-time favorite movie is Empire Strikes Back. R2-D2 is a spunky little dude.

David Tennent is my doctor. Allons-y!

I taught myself how to create websites in 6th grade. I miss Geocities.

I am fluent in English and in Vietnamese.

I am a foodie. Anyone know where I can find a table-top Korean BBQ grill?

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